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The Hook

Titanium. Patented. Polarized.

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At William Painter, we have not always been the biggest kid on the block. Heck, we are neither the smartest nor the funniest ones on the block. But what we are good at is seeing the world from a different perspective. How many different perspectives can there be one may ask. Infinite, Plain and simple. But if you have to ask that question, well, let us enlighten you.

All of our sunglasses feature a new hydrophobic/oleoophobic lens technology. Say bye-bye to the T- shirt lens cleaner. Our lenses wick away the elements leaving a clean lens behind.




More About Our Products

Titanium Arms

Yes... Your sunglasses are made from the same materials used in a Fighter jet, F1 Race Car, Lamborghini, Bugatti Veyron, and many ultra-luxury watches. Titanium is the strongest metal for its weight, allows you to use your sunglasses actively without worrying about them breaking. Titanium is also hypoallergenic, which means it is perfectly safe for the human body. Doctors use titanium for hip and knee replacements for this reason. For our coating, we examined titanium drill bits, knives, firearms, and F1 race car pistons, and developed our own matte black protective coating. We call our protective titanium coating  "Black Armour." This stuff is strong... like drill bit strong.

Rear Weighted Balance

Ever had sunglasses fall down your nose? Us too...  We really take proper sunglass fitment to heart.  By using a thick titanium and ultralight lenses, we are able to greatly improve the center of balance. This makes for a very comfortable fit, and helps ensure the glasses stay nice and planted on your beautiful face.

The Worlds Lightest Lenses

We take lenses VERY seriously. What's the point in making awesome sunglasses if the optics are crummy? We literally searched all around the world looking at various types of lenses. From Glass, Polycarbonate, CR39, Acrylic, and Nylon. Each one has its merits but we wanted something truly exceptional. We are extremely proud to introduce William Painter's Lifelong Lenses.  They are the lightest in the world, less than half the weight of traditional glass lenses. Our lenses offer superior optical quality, durability, and acid resistance to anything else on the market. Our lenses are PREMIUM. UVA/UVB Protection


Polarized lenses neutralizes the glare, make objects clearer and reduces strain on the eyes. They work especially well on car windshields, on water (ocean or lakes) and in other high glare environments. Typically lenses have a polarizing and tint coating added to the top of the lens to achieve this effect. Over time, however the polarizing and tint can bubble and flake off of the lens. Have you ever seen a bad tint job on a car? Same problem. Our Lifelong lenses go one step further, we integrate both the polarizing and tint layers all the way through the lens, so it will last forever. 

Protective Hardcase

We have worked really hard on making a high quality pair of glasses, and also on a way to protect them. The William Painter hardcase is custom built for The Hook. It fits snuggly and doesn't shake around when moving the case. We tried over 100 hardcases and this one is perfect.


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  1. One size fits all? YES

    Posted by Terri on 29th Jan 2015

    I have a small head and sunglasses almost always are too big, slide down my nose and require constant adjusting. My WP however, look like they were custom made for my face shape and the weighted frames keep them in place 100% of the time. Quite remarkable. Love the lenses,

  2. The Splendid Nature of the WP sunglasses

    Posted by James Brewer on 13th Jan 2015

    I am very Happy with The Hook glasses by the fact they are so clear, easy as to clean, the bottle opener has been put under its paces and preformed and I have no complaints. Obviously time will tell like everything in this world but as it stands its All Good


    Posted by Jordan on 6th Jan 2015

    I was SO excited to find these during the holidays for my beer-loving boyfriend. I fell in love with them when they arrived and even debated keeping them for myself. Love that they're already polarized, unlike Ray Bans where that costs extra. The quality is amazing. I feel like they'll never break.

    My bf was a little apprehensive with them at first (because he wanted RB), but he's also fallen in love with them and has posted multiple times on Facebook how great they are.

    I was also really impressed with the prompt, friendly customer service and the free expedited shipping right before Christmas.

    I'll be keeping my eye on this company in the future and look forward to other products they will have.

Showing reviews 1-3 of 51 | Next