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At William Painter, we have not always been the biggest kid on the block. Heck, we are neither the smartest nor the funniest ones on the block. But what we are good at is seeing the world from a dierent perspective. How many “dierent “ perspectives can there be one may ask. Innite, Plain and simple. But if you have to ask that question, well, let us enlighten you.

All of our sunglasses feature a new hydrophobic/oleoophobic lens technology. Say bye-bye to the T- shirt lens cleaner. Our lenses wick away the elements leaving a clean lens behind.




QUALITY: The team at William Painter has taken the utmost care and consideration when choosing the best materials to make the most durable sunglasses possible. William Painter’s are made from a combination of aerospace grade titanium and durable, exible acetate to the best t and comfort while still able to take a beating...

BOTTLE OPENER: Our patented class two bottle opening technology is not only easy to use, but subtle as well; you can show o only when you want to...

WARRANTY: William Painter oers a 110% more money back guarantee. You Break, We Buy...

William Painter Patented lifelong Lenses:

    • Feature: Oleophobic technology 
      • Benefit: Our lenses repel skin oil to stay clean longer and are easy to clean.  
    • Feature: Hydrophobic technology 
      • Benefit: Repels water for better vision in active environments. 
    • Feature: Anti Static Technology 
      • Benefit: repels water dust and dirt. Does not allow for dust buildup. 
    • Feature: The world’s lightest lenses
      • Benefit: Reduced weight in the front of the glasses for exceptional comfort.
    • Feature: Our lenses last forever. Guaranteed.   
      • Benefit: Using patented Japanese technology we have integrated polarization and tint through the entire lens. This makes for long lasting lenses and not just coatings that will de-laminate or scratch over time. 
    • Feature: First ever nylon polarized lens
      • Benefit: High optical quality and polarizing lenses cut down on glare and enhance colors. 
    • Feature: Strong anti-scratch capabilities. 


William Painter Hinges: 

    • Feature: German Titanium Hinges
      • Benefit: Anti Corrosive. Super strong. Extremely well made. Very light. 

William Painter Titanium: 

    • Feature: Titanium arms and hinges
      • Benefit: Strongest and lightest metal in the world. 
    • Feature: Hypoallergenic 
      • Benefit: Metal allergy free and non-toxic. 
    • Feature: Temperature resistance. 
      • Benefit: The glasses do not hold or transfer hot/cold temperatures, making them comfortable in any climate. 

William Painter Coatings: 

    • Feature: Gold Armour Coating 
      • Benefit: Extreme scratch resistance, used on drill bits. 
    • Feature: Black Armour Coating 
      • Benefit: Extreme scratch resistance, used on drill bits.

William Painter Acetate: 

      • Benefit: Flexible for a comfortable fit on most shapes and sizes. 

William Painter rear weighted sunglasses: 

    • Feature: Weight 
      • Benefit: They are balanced as to not put pressure on the front or back of the head. Also allowing for a “in-place” fit. No slipping.


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  1. Amazing Unique Product.

    Posted by Grace on 20th Dec 2014

    Absolutely love the product - very well made and well priced! These have all the awesome bells and whistles as a $500 pair of sunglasses. Saw these on 3lau and had to get my own pair!!! Would def recommend to others! Best customer service around! :)

  2. Still Fly

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Dec 2014

    After losing a pair, the excitement of a package arriving with a fresh new pair came just in time with some holiday cheer. The new packaging looks great as well! Wonderful product. Wonderful people! The updates with sturdier hinge was a great addition as well.

  3. Awesome Shades

    Posted by Steph on 13th Nov 2014

    I can't say enough great things about William Painter shades. They fit just like a classic Ray Ban but they are more durable/ better quality/ have a bottle opener soo... need I say more?

    My boyfriend was dying to get a pair so I decided to get him a pair for his birthday. When I procrastinated buying them and ordered them only a day before, I reached out to their team to see if there was anyway they could expedite the shipping and get them to me ASAP...William Painter was so awesome and actually over nighted the glasses to me at no additional charge (THANK YOU MATT D.) My boyfriend was SO excited about them.

    I know this is kind of a dude brand but LADIES: Do yourself a favor - replace your current classic black wayfarer Ray Bans with these. They're better. You won't regret it.

    AND if you need holiday gift ideas for your man - he will love these.

Showing reviews 1-3 of 46 | Next